About ReliaCare Home Health LLC

Our Founder & CEO

ReliaCare was started as an outgrowth of Lori Youmans’ experience caring for her elderly parents over the past 15 years. As a result of Lori’s attentive care, both her parents, now in their 90’s, have been able to thrive living independently in their home.

In the process of seeking care solutions for her parents, Lori became acutely aware of the limited quality options available in the personal care service industry. She decided to do something about it by becoming the high quality solution that she sought, but struggled to find for her own parents.

Simply put, Lori has walked in your shoes as the consumer and she’s integrated everything she’s learned from both the provider and consumer/client perspective into building ReliaCare. Now, others, like you, can benefit from her direct experience, insights and expertise.

As CEO of ReliaCare, Lori brings sincere passion for quality service and expertise in managing and growing businesses. She hires only the best home healthcare professionals and works closely with clients, their families and providers to create a highly personalized care plan that meets the client’s needs and expectations. She carefully screens all PCAs to ensure the best match between client and caregiver.